mrs chanandler bong (partyonyourhead) wrote in sugarcookied,
mrs chanandler bong

Request post

I realize it's been six months since I've posted any icons. Let's fix that..shall we?

What would you like me to make icons of?

Some things I could do:
I'm open to any cartoons/Disney movies/etc.(Spongebob, Avatar, My Little Pony, whatever)

Full length live action movies can be requested as well, but those may be more difficult for me to find.

TV Shows I watch/have on DVD: Castle, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, The Secret Circle (rip), Teen Wolf, White Collar, Psych, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Rec, Glee (formerly, I'm so over that shit), Friends, Gossip Girl (seasons 1 or 2, I stopped watching after that).

Youtube videos/music videos. (Just be sure to link me!)

Anything else! But just so you know, requesting something does not guarantee that I will make icons of it.
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